Mediacja akademicka na uniwersytecie kanadyjskim

mediator akademicki
Mediacja akademicka na uniwersytecie kanadyjskim

University of Windsor Mediation Services

Mediation Services

University of Windsor Mediation Services provides mediation, facilitation and conflict resolution training to Windsor-Essex community members as well as University staff and students. 

Mediation is a confidential alternative to resolving your dispute, provided free of charge to individuals in the community. The people having a conflict meet together with a mediator and talk about the issues they are having with the hopes of solving the dispute. The mediator does not give legal advice or make decisions for the parties. Instead, the mediator helps the parties talk about their issues in a safe, productive way.

Every mediation session is different, depending on the needs of the parties. In general, mediation is cheaper and faster than going to court, and people can preserve or improve their relationships. Although anyone can have a lawyer or representative present, it is not required. 

At Mediation Services, disputes are mediated with the director and upper-year law and social work students. Although our mediators are trained, they will not offer legal advice or make any comment on the merits of a party’s position. Instead, we focus on helping parties have a constructive, practical discussion about the issues in dispute. 

University of Windsor Mediation Services was founded and established in 1995 by Dr. Julie Macfarlane. Dr. Macfarlane continues as the Faculty Advisor. The day-to-day operations of Mediation Services are handled by the director, professional staff, law and social work student interns. 

Mediation Services began as an extra-curricular pilot project of the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. It was the first community mediation service in the Windsor-Essex County area, and the first clinical mediation training program in a Canadian law school. The pilot project initially offered training in mediation skills to law students, through a series of weekend workshops. The next step sought to offer these students an opportunity to practice their new skills in a clinical setting. As no community mediation service had existed in Windsor since the early 1980’s, Mediation Services was established to fill these twin needs – to provide clinical experience in mediation skills for law students, and to provide an accessible mediation service to the Windsor community. Today, Mediation Services is a permanent and much larger operation. 

Founder and Faculty Advisor 
Dr. Julie Macfarlane is the Faculty Advisor and founder of Mediation Services. Dr. Macfarlane is a full professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor. Dr. Macfarlane also devotes her time to her consulting practice which offers conflict resolution service, training, facilitation and systems design for a range of public and private sector clients. 

Lynne Pearlman is the Director of Mediation Services and a sessional lecturer at the Faculty of Law. She received her LL.B. and LL.M. from Osgoode Hall law school.

Mediation Services’ Community Advisory Board
Mediation Services’ Community Advisory Board is made up of community volunteers from the Windsor-Essex area. The Board is responsible for long-range and strategic planning for Mediation Service.The Board provides a wide range of community perspectives to ensure Mediation Services operates to the best of its ability in the interests of members of the community and students, in accordance with organizational goals. 


University of Windsor Mediation Services offers free or affordable mediation to members of the Windsor-Essex community AND University staff and students….