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Instances of workplace bullying double

Monday, 09, Nov 2009 12:10

By Richard James.

New statistics have revealed a record number of British workers have been bullied in the last six months. Figures from the union Unison show that more than a third of the 7,000 workers who took part in a survey have experienced bullying over the last half a year, double the number recorded in 1997. Among the top complaints were rudeness, criticism, excessive work monitoring, intimidation, exclusion and withholding information.

Of those questioned, 80 per cent said the abuse had affected their physical and mental health and a third had decided to take time off, or even left their jobs as a result.

Dave Prentis, Unison’s general secretary, said: „The fact that bullying has doubled in the past decade is shocking.

„Workers have the right to earn a decent living in a safe environment. They need to be treated with respect and not forced to take time off work because bullying has made them ill.

„Only last week figures showed that 13.7 million working days are lost every year as a result of stress and depression in the workplace.

„It makes sound moral and financial sense to look after your workforce.”

Mr Prentis said the union would continue with its calls for the government to revise the current dignity in the workplace bill to include an anti-bullying policy.

Today’s research also coincides with Ban Bullying at Work Day as the union tries to encourage employers and employees to make a stand against bullies.


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