Anatomy of an academic mobbing

mobbing lektura

Anatomy of an academic mobbing

strona Critical mass

As a workplace, academia is highly hospitable to mobbing behavior. Hence the scholarship of Kenneth Westhues, websites such as Academic Mobbing and Bullied Academics, novels such as Philip Roth’s The Human Stain, and occasional articles in the Chronicle of Higher Ed and similar venues. These acknowledgements of time-honored ivory tower behavior are recent (though they may be said to have their ancestral roots in the work of people like Mary McCarthy, Randall Jarrell, and, of course, Arthur Miller), and they mark the emergence of a discussion–and a self-examination–academics have long needed to conduct.

I’ve followed the unfolding contours of that discussion with great interest, and am particularly taken by the news–reported today in the New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Ed, and many, many other places, of how Oxford professor Ruth Padel effectively engineered the mobbing of Nobel laureate Derek Walcott when they were competing for a coveted Oxford poetry professorship……..

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