Alternatywne formy rozwiązywania konfliktów na uniwersytecie amerykańskim



University of Virginia


University Mediation Services (UMS) was founded in 1996 to provide the students and community of the University of Virginia an alternative form of conflict resolution and to educate the community about the advantages and tools of the mediation process. It is a University agency and student-run organization that provides alternative dispute resolution services to the University community, as long as one of the disputing parties is a student, or group of students, at the University of Virginia.


The primary mission of the University Mediation Services is to provide and to facilitate effective conflict resolution at the University of Virginia. UMS will provide its services to willing disputants in the community in their voluntary attempt to reach mutually satisfying agreements. It is an approach that gives students the opportunity to assume control of a conflict and responsibility for their actions.

The secondary mission of the University Mediation Services is to educate the University community about the methods, skills, and attitudes fundamental to mediation and the uses of mediation both formally and informally to reduce conflict on Grounds.


UMS mediates all cases that it deems appropriate for mediation as long as the disputants are willing to choose mediation as their form of conflict resolution. At least one of the parties must be a registered student of the University. UMS provides its service on a non-discriminatory basis and is comprised entirely of student mediators. UMS can mediate cases from all aspects of life, including roommate and neighbor disputes, relationship issues, bill payment conflicts, noise complaints, academic responsibilities, and conflicts within or between student groups. The scope of cases that can be mediated is vast and is not limited to the given examples. Contact the UMS office if you would like to know if a particular case would be appropriate for the mediation process.



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