Spotkanie rzeczników akademickich Meksyku, Ameryki Łacińskiej i Hiszpanii


Spotkanie rzeczników akademickich Meksyku, Ameryki Łacińskiej i Hiszpanii

Mexican, Latin Amercian and Spanish University Ombudsmen:

Multilateral Meetings in Yucatan, Mexico

ENOHE News, 2009/1

The Mexican Network of University Ombudsmen (REDDU)

celebrated its annual meeting on June 30th and July 1st 2008, in Mérida Yucatan, with the theme

Internal Administration of Justice in Universities”.

Delegates attended from 17 Mexican Universities, as well as the Catholic University of Peru, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad Complutense and Universidad de Cantabria from Spain.

Four Mexican State Ombudsmen were also present as well as representatives from the National Commission against Discrimination (CONAPRED) and the National Council for Disabled People

The delegates worked in three workshops on the following topics:

The University Ombudsman and Legal Offices or Attorney Generals”, “University Tribunals and University Ombudsmen” and “Work Modalities of REDDU Associates”, which fostered sharing experiences and defining specific roles for each one of the university authorities involved in internal administration of justice.

On July 2nd the Second Binational Meeting Mexico-Spain took place on the subject “Rights of Disabled University Students”.

As a result of this meeting, the Declaration of Yucatan on the Rights of Disabled University Students was drafted and signed by all attendants. This Declaration is based on the International Convention on the Rights of Disabled People and is adapted and focused on the specific situation of disabled University students.

Representatives from REDUU will be among the participants of the ENOHE conference in Hamburg, Germany hence certainly enhancing the mutual relationship between university ombudsmen on the two continents. It was originally instituationalised by our Spanish colleague Jose Manuel Bayod from the University of Cantabria.

More information on the Mexican network:

On the Spanish network:


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