Mobbing akademicki ‚zagraniczny’

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Teksty o mobbingu akademickim w ośrodkach zagranicznych – przykłady z internetu

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Harassment Among University Professors and Academic Staff

Persecution (is) complex

Westhues, Kenneth. (1998). Eliminating Professors: A Guide to the Dismissal Process. Lewiston, N.Y.: Kemper Collegium Publication, The Edwin Mellen Press.

The Richardson dismissal as an academic boomerang

Cracks in the ivory towers

From outside, universities may seem like havens of calm and civilisation, but an increasing number of academics are suffering from work-related stress, and even bullying. Polly Curtis and John Crace report

Academic mobbing: SIUC’s ugly little secret


Most academic mobbing goes undetected because professors fear losing their reputations as scholars. to be demoted or removed from a teaching position is severe punishment, but to be blacklisted unable to find work elsewhere is far worse–not just a loss of a beloved career but loss of an identity. here are stories of others. my own story is told at

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